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The View From YOUR Window

This week the web traffic in the form of the number of views, new subscribers to my blog site and the number of “likes” for my Facebook page was amazing. So many people commented and reacted to the story of Alex. Thank you all for your kind words and for taking the time to take a look at “The View From My Window”.

I received a message earlier this week from a woman who lives in Brussels, Belgium and she sent me a beautiful picture taken from her window.

Brussels, Belgium

My blog site provides me some basic visitor analytics (no secret stuff), things like; the number of unique views and the country from which it was viewed. As a writer, who started this blog as a way of capturing some of my thoughts, experiences, and memories, I am shocked at how far my little blog has reached beyond Germany and America, with readers in Malaysia, India, France, Belgium, Russia, Vietnam and more.

So, I had an idea!!! Possibly you would let me share The View From YOUR Window with our readers, in the form of a picture from one your windows.

Simply go to one of the windows in your home or office and take a picture. Send me the picture and tell me the geographical location of your picture (city, state, country). I will not publish your name, email or any personal information.

I will collect these pictures over the next week and create a new section on my blog site called “The View From YOUR Window” and I will publish it this weekend.

Here are a couple of ways you can send me your photo:

  • Send me an email to blogupload@outlook.com Attach the picture from your window and tell me what city, state and country the picture is from.

  • On Facebook, hit the send message button (on the right below the cover picture). Attached your picture and tell me what city, state and country the picture is from.

  • For my friends that have me on WhatsApp or have my email address, just shoot me a message with the pic and tell me what city, state and country the picture is from.

Over the past several weeks, the greater part of the entire free world has basically been put on lock-down and our view to the outside world is primarily restricted to our windows. This week, I sent a couple of pictures to my daughter in Michigan that I took from the windows in my office here in Germany. She replied, “oh my gosh Dad, it looks like Disney land”. I have heard this quite often and it is the same thing I said when I first arrived here.

Side view from my office window
Front view from my office window

On Wednesday of this week, it marked the day, that nine years ago I moved into my apartment here. I remember my early days in Germany, I did not know many people, I could not speak a word of German (except Danke and I probably said that wrong) and could not understand the language. Not being able to communicate, I was a bit afraid to wander too far from my home (actually it was not possible to be too far from home, because I did not have a car). Nonetheless, everything was unfamiliar to me and I did not like to step too far away from my comfort zone.

During the past couple of weeks, as I reflected on these early days again. I thought about how much time, I stayed at home, often gazing out the window to view my new world. Restricted in my ability to communicate and to be mobile, my world had gotten smaller, as my new life moved at a much slower pace in contrast to my life in America. However, there was a bonus, it also was less complicated.

For the longest time, I found myself amazed by the scenery, the charm, the history, the architecture, and the people in this picturesque town. I would often think to myself or say to a friend, “I cannot believe I am here”, as it such a sharp contrast to where I came from.

So, as it goes, it did not take long for me to expand my world here in Bavaria. I began to make friends, to get out more, make more social commitments, and make music. After a while, I was just as busy as I was in America and perhaps the things that so often amazed me about this place became more normal and I may have possibly begun to take it for granted. I think this is something that can easily happen to most of us, as we go through the routines of life.

I was speaking to my Dad and Mom yesterday. As we discussed the crisis that we are all facing today, they said that perhaps during this time, we all need to take a little time to be thankful for the blessings in our lives. They shared how they are so thankful that all their children and families are healthy and safe. They gave thanks for having a home to shelter them amid this storm, thanks for having the finances to survive this economic downturn and concluded by saying: “We are thankful we have each other…………we are truly blessed”.

So often, in the hustle and bustle of life, we never have the time to take a minute to really look out our window and simply enjoy the view. I truly hope that you will share a picture of The View From YOUR Window with me, so I can share with our readers and please do me a favor…….when you are taking the picture, take a moment and give thanks and reflect on some of the good things you have in your life and perhaps say a little prayer for the health and safety of your family, friends, co-workers, community, neighbors, government leaders and health care worker during this difficult time.

View from the back window in my apartment


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