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Reasons For Writing

It has been just over a month since I posted my last blog entry. Last year at this time, I was posting a new blog as many as 2 or 3 times a week. I was thinking about what had changed, in that, I enjoy writing and like taking the time to organize and sometimes research a topic in an effort to craft a blog that is meaningful to me or that others might find interesting.

Well, the first thing that changed is, I got a subscription to Netflix. So yes, I am going to blame it on Netflix (since I must blame something or someone other than myself). I got my subscription at Christmas and I actually watched season 1 through 6 of the “Blacklist” in just over a month. (that is 133 episodes). Not really proud of that.

About 100 hours of my life, I will never get back.

Actually, since living in Europe, I really have not been much of a T.V. guy. When I first moved here, for over a year I didn’t even have a television. I learned that it was not something, I really needed or even missed.

During my T.V. pause, I did become sort of a movie freak and downloaded lots of movies and would watch them on my computer (or at least attempt to watch them, most of the time, I would fall asleep while watching). It became a bit of a mission of mine to download this massive library of films. Although it was somewhat entertaining, I grew bored with movie watching and I found I could not watch sad or too serious of films, as I would let them get to me. Yeah, I know….weird.

The second impact on my writing time has been the “work” thing. I shared the news that my company had been acquired in October of last year in one of my blogs. The transition of ownership as it relates to Human Resource matters and the like, as the new company slowly migrated our operations into theirs has been less than smooth and actually would fall into the category of a mess. Payroll errors, lack of health insurance coverage, unpaid or long repayment periods for expenses…..the basic things that are simple expectations of one’s employment have all come with issues.

Yes, any merger/acquisition comes with change and possible challenges, but I would have expected a large company like the one that acquired us, would know how to handle this better. And yes, I let it get to me. For the record, I was not alone in letting this get to me, several employees left the company during this transition period. Nonetheless, over the past 4 months, most of the issues have been cleared up. But some are still looming, that may personally impact me directly and I am working through these things at this time.

During these stressful times at work, I just kind of felt like I didn’t have anything to say or write that was meaningful and I had this new distraction (Netflix) to keep me off of my laptop.

I have recently decided it is time to write again. So, before I get started writing again, I thought I would take a look back at some of the blog entries from last year. As I read through the content, I thought if I had to categorize my posts, they would fall into the following categories.


Stories related to my musical experiences during my life and now in Germany


Stories about the realities (along with some of my own personal insights) into our jobs/careers and their impact on our life. Things about work, I wish I knew when I was younger.


Special moments that touched me in some way that I wanted to document to remember and share with others.

Life Stories

Some of my personal history and experiences along my journey in life. I found that many of my blog posts include some elements of my life’s history woven into the topic I am writing about.

Personal Thoughts

My view or perspective on things. Nothing confrontational, just my view, “The View From My Window”.

European and American Life

Comparisons of living in two very different worlds

When I write a blog entry, it will often take several hours scattered over a few days to organize the content, so it is readable. First of all, my written English has greatly deteriorated the longer I have been in Europe. When speaking English to Germans I often speak in a way that is more understandable to a non-native speaker, but it is not how one would typically speak, I suppose we could call it “Germ-lish” and I also take the time when writing to simplify my English and to not load the text with English slang, as I know a lot of my readers are in Germany.

Secondly, I am a horrible editor of my own writing. To fix that, I installed the software called “Grammerly” on my computer and then I use the Read Aloud function in Microsoft Word and have the computer read my story back to me, so I can assure it sounds correct when it is read.

During my little pause from writing, I assessed why I write? It is time-consuming, it takes a lot of work, it costs a couple of hundred dollars a year to host a website and in the end, is it something that anyone really reads or enjoys?

So, here are the 3 reasons I came up with for writing. I am sharing this with you, but I know as I write this, it is a reminder for me.

  1. For my children. Many of the blog entries I write are created under the guides of something that I would want to share with my children. I would like to give them some insight into my past, my life now and share some of the lessons I learned along the way that might be valuable to them someday.

  2. For myself. Unfortunately, there will come a time my memory will fade and I would like to have a journal of my thoughts, memories, and experiences that I can look back on years from now.

  3. For others. I hope that someone might find my little stories about my past experiences or the life I live now interesting or that my view or perspective on a topic might be inspiring or thought-provoking.

Now with that said, as for Reasons For Writing #1; I can pretty much assure you that my children do not read my blog. I have shared my website with them and sometimes mention a post topic in a conversation with them and asked them if they have read it. The answer is always the same. No, sorry Dad I am just so busy, but I hope to look at it someday.

Reasons For Writing #2; I do enjoy taking the time to write. Depending on the topic, I find it healing to clarify my thoughts on a subject. I like having an archive of experiences to look back on in the future and perhaps my Grandchildren will read them.

Reasons For Writing #3. There is actually no way to ever know if anyone reading my blog enjoys the content or if they find it interesting or meaningful in some way. The only way I know this is when someone tells me directly. On the occasion that this happens, I wanted to let you know that I find this very satisfying and I am honored that you would take the time to read my storied and to let me know you enjoyed it.

So, what’s ahead. I am working on a new post, I hope to publish later this week called “Skin Stories”. I actually got the idea a year ago when my sister and I were visiting my Dad in Florida and she inquired to the stories behind my tattoos and I will try to answer the question as to why I decided to get inked so late in life. Stay tuned………………..


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