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Our Final Song

Updated: Jan 3

When I started this blog at the beginning of 2019, my main goal was to simply start writing again. Over the years, I would write things down when I had a thought in my head that I simply couldn’t get rid of. Sometimes I would write when I was angry about something in my life and found it better to write it down rather than to say it out loud.

In addition to my unfinished books, the other area of writing I pursued over the years, was song writing. I wrote my first song when I was 15 (only a couple of years ago..NOT) for a Southern gospel quartet I sang with. The song was called “A New Beginning” and our first album was titled after this song.

For those of you who don’t know what a Southern gospel quartet is; Southern gospel music is a genre of Christian music. Its name comes from its origins in the Southeastern United States (country folks) whose lyrics are written to express their biblical faith and Christian life. This music style was often called “quartet music", in that the traditional set up was, four men, singing four-part harmony with a piano player.

Over the years I continued to write songs. I actually have no idea how many songs I have written. I wrote a few gospel songs and then wrote a number of songs for my country band from South of Detroit and then went on to write a few songs for a band I managed after I stopped performing.

Two years ago, Stephan (the lead guitar player in my current band) sent me some musical tracks he had composed and asked if I could put some words to them. I was in Berlin at that time attending a trade show for my work. I listened to the tracks and a riff in one of the songs he had sent me, stuck in my head.

While I was working at the exhibition stand for my company, I would have an idea for some words for the song and write them down. On the final day of the show, I went back to my hotel room and begin to write the lyrics and I finished the song in just a matter of minutes.

I wanted to share the lyrics of this song in my blog. This song is very special to me because when I played my final show with my band some 15 years ago at the Motor City Casino in Detroit, I thought that my singing days were done. From there forward I would be relegated to hitting a horrible karaoke night from time to time or doing the occasional Elvis impersonation. As you might imagine, when I was asked to join my current band, I was elated. The Motor City Casino was not going to be my final song.

As I wrote this song, it came to me that our final song was about more than music. You see, in the last 10 years, I lost a number of family members and some very special people in my life. Two of these people were particularly very dear to me. As I begin to write the words, I thought of how I had lost my best buddy to cancer in 2010, a man that lived every day to the fullest. He was the happiest guy I ever met. I’ll write about him sometime. Then it was two years before writing this song, I lost my Mom. Something I still have a hard time with. She was taken from all of us much too soon. (I love you Mom)

The song is a big rock ballad, as Stephan and I grew up in the rock ballad era. Every time we play, I cherish the opportunity to still be on stage and try performing to my fullest, as if it’s my final song. Some time ago, just to have as a constant reminder, I tattooed the words “sing like it’s your last song” on my left forearm.

I hope you enjoy the lyrics. Perhaps we will record it someday. Be sure to live your life to the fullest and enjoy all the things you love, just as if it’s your final song.

Our Final Song

Music: Stephan Winkler / Lyrics: Cecil Lewis

Verse 1: Life is a mystery

Every single day

Looking back through history

It’s always been this way

No one knows for certain

When their time will come

So just live for the day

Like it’s your last one

Chorus: So, let’s dance like no one’s watching

And I’ll sing about love gone wrong

Let the band play one final encore

Cause this might be our final song

Verse 2: When you find that certain someone

You’ll love until you die

Hold her like there’s no tomorrow

Kiss her like it’s your last goodbye

Tell her what she means to you

And hold her all night long

Love like it’s your last chance

This might be your final song

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