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One Stop Shopping - Walmart World

Updated: Jan 3

On a recent visit to the U.S.A. I took the opportunity to go shopping at Walmart. Perhaps I have just been away from the U.S. for too long, but I found this place overwhelming. From my experience so far here in Germany, there is just nothing comparable to this type of store. Walmart takes the concept of one-stop shopping to a whole new level.

So, for my German friends, I thought I would share with you what you could actually accomplish on one visit to this superstore if you so desired. Many of you have told me that reading my blog helps with your English learning (I assume with the English words, as I know my grammar needs some help. I am working on it). I have inserted some translations for a few of the English words used for items or services purchased when shopping in the U.S.A. I also thought my American friends may enjoy seeing the German words for these items. All the good and services that I describe below are located inside of one massive superstore. I am sure many of my German friends may have heard of Walmart, but just in case you have never been there, I hope you enjoy.

Aerial view

Let’s get started: 1. Since you will need to drive to the store, (as you basically have to drive everywhere in America) the first thing you need to do is drop your auto to the Walmart Auto Care Center. Perhaps you would like to have some new tires (Riefen) installed and get an oil change.

2. It’s going to be a long day of shopping. Be sure to stop at the Subway restaurant inside the store to grab a sandwich to energize yourself for your long day.

3. In April, American’s need to file their taxes (Steuern) with the Internal Revenue Service. You should drop all your paperwork off at the Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. It is at the front of the store.

4. I am sure that you want to look good for your day of shopping. It might be a good time for some personal grooming. Stop in at the nail salon (Nagelstudio) for a manicure and when you are done go to the hair salon (Friseur) for a fresh new hairstyle. It’s Walmart time and time to get that new look you were always looking for.

5. In case your eyes have been bothering you; you may want to take the time to have your eyes examined and order some new glasses at Eye center (Augenarzt). Unfortunately, you will have to wait a day or two to get your new glasses (brille).

6. Speaking of taking care of your health, be sure to drop off your prescription at the pharmacy (Apotheke – I had the hardest time learning to speak this word correctly). The script (Rezept) will be filled while you are shopping.

7. In case you have just returned from your family vacation, you will want to have your pictures (Bilder) developed. Walmart can get that done while you are shopping too.

8. Perhaps your kids are away at college and well they always need money or you perhaps you need to send some cash to your dead-beat brother-in-law (not you Mark); stop at the money center and send them Moneygram.

9. Finally, don’t forget to return the DVD’s you rented (DVD mieten) from Redbox on your previous visit.

Whewww………….we haven’t even started shopping yet!

1. Since you just had your nails and hair done, you may as well purchase yourself some new clothes and some awesome shoes. Nothing like Walmart Fashion!

2. Do you need some household items? Pots, pans, towels, bed sheets, rugs. Well, everything……they have it.

3. Do you need to replace any of your appliances? Coffee machine, microwave (Mikrowelle), vacuum (staubsaugen). We got you covered.

4. Electronics anyone? Computers, cameras, printers, cellular phones, televisions, stereo systems are here for you.

5. Sporting Goods? They have every sport covered for the sports enthusiast; football, soccer, basketball, tennis, baseball, hunting (Jäger)/fishing goods, bicycles (Fahrrad) and exercise equipment.

6. It might be a good idea to pick your girlfriend up a special gift. Head over to the jewelry (Schmuck) department to buy a nice watch, ring or bracelet.

7. Is your house in need of some repairs: Paint, tools, ladders, plumbing (Klempnerarbeit), electrical (Strom), mirrors (Spiegel), cleaning supplies?

8. Oh, I didn’t forget about the kids. Toys (spielzeuge), games, baby furniture and a big selection of school supplies.

9. If you are looking to chill a bit after your shopping day, you can buy a book or the new CD of your favorite band.

We also need to some food for the house. Again, it’s all in the same store.

1. Groceries (Lebensmittelgeschäft): EVERYTHING. It’s just too much to list, but they just about anything you can imagine.

2. Fruits & vegetables: (Gemuse & Obst)

3. Beverages (Getränke): Soft Drinks, energy drinks, milk, water, juice, beer, wine & alcohol.

4. Butcher (Metzger): Meat, fish and a full deli with cheese, salads and sandwich meat.

5. Bakery: Bread, doughnuts, cookies and custom-made birthday cakes for your best friend. I am sure I missed a lot of items. But I think you get the idea. Oh, I did forget one thing. You might want to pick up a semi-automatic rifle (Waffe) while you are there. Sorry, that takes two trips to the store. One trip to make your purchase and then you will need to come back to the store 24 hours later to pick up your gun. It is the law that you must wait 24 hours after you make your purchase, just in case you were making your purchase in haste or anger. The 24 hours period gives you time to cool off in case you were planning on going home to deal with your cheating girlfriend or commit an armed robbery to get some money to cover all the money you just spent.

Well, it’s time to go home now. Be sure to pick up your prescription, your taxes, your pictures, and your car. Once you get into your car, stop at the Garden Center to pick up a tree from your yard and grill (BBQ) for your next cookout. See you tomorrow when you pick up your eyeglasses and rifle.

I hope you all know this is all in good fun. It is a great place to shop or just visit, and it has some great deals. I didn’t even get into the interesting people you might see there. Perhaps another time. I still cannot get over the time I saw the camouflage (tarnen) family. Dad, Mom, and the baby all were wearing camo, including the camouflage baby carriage (kinderwagen). Got to love it.

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