• Cecil Lewis Jr.

No New Year's Resolutions

So it begins, on the eve of a new year….welcome to my page.

Many people will start tomorrow with new plans and codes of conduct for the upcoming year. A lot of these resolutions will be made around correcting bad habits or a change in life style; weight loss, smoking, savings and the like. Magazines, newspapers and media will spend a lot of time on this topic in the next days.

For me, I am not a new year’s resolution guy, as I see it as creating a scenario that will likely end in failure. Many people will fail on their new year’s resolution within the first 24 hours of the new year or might make it through the week and for the real go getters they may make it a month. I am not trying to discourage this annual ritual, I am simply saying it often ends in defeat and why should we create situations that will likely yield failure. I prefer to create situations that are obtainable.

So I have created my list of New Year’s Goals. (1) Start writing again (in progress – blog post #1) (2) Read more (in progress – bought my first book in over 2 years a week ago – on page 87) (3) Live more focused on a quality of life (family, friends, music) and less work focused (may be a challenge, as well we all need $) (4) Take more time to do nothing. Just chill and for once in forever……use all my allotted days of vacation (5) Advance my skills in German. Yes, to my German friends. It is time for us to speak mostly in German. I gave to you, now give back to me. (6) THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE: Daily acts of kindness.

I know that sounds cheesy. We have all heard of pay it forward or about some bazillionaire leaving some waitress a massive tip. These are great, but what about some things that are not related to money. How about offering a sincere compliment to someone on their looks, an employee’s service, the importance of your friendship with someone? We often think these things, but never say it. How about some general good manners; opening a door, giving up your seat to the elderly, helping with someone’s bags, saying thank you and please? How about a simple smile or a friendly hello to a stranger, that looks like they just ate a turd sandwich. None of these things are very difficult, but it might bring a smile to someone’s face and here is the bonus…………….you might feel good about yourself too!!

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