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My View From The Stage

Updated: Jan 3

In 2018 my band played over 20 shows. In December, we took a break as many of us were traveling and we wanted to take a pause during the holiday season. Last Friday night, we had our first for show for 2019, playing at a place in town, just down the road from me. On this evening, we performed 30 songs with 2 encore numbers over a 3 ½ hour time period. The place was full, and the audience was very engaged and kind as they responded to our show.

During a performance, although I must remain somewhat concentrated on the music, I always try to watch the audience to see how they are responding to the show and from the stage I have quite a vantage point. Today, I wanted to share with you My View From The Stage on this special night.

When I first took the stage, I noticed how many people were there, as every chair and table were full and many people standing. This was very warming to me. I said to myself, as I have said to many of my friends; “if anyone had ever told me ten years ago, that at my age, I would be playing in a band in Germany (let alone the USA), I would have bet against it. But here I was, doing just that. I am still in disbelief – don’t wake me up.

As I scanned the room, I saw many friends and family of the band members and the faces of many people we have come to know after performing in the same general area for 3 years and several people I had never seen before. I knew it would be a good night and I got to see some pretty special things.

My View From The Stage gave me the opportunity to see the love and affection; as couples were holding hands and stealing a kiss as a they listened to a slow tune or romantic ballad. It must be true love for a wife did not get ill as her husband sing “Easy Like Sunday Morning” in some unknown key, reminiscent of a dog howling.

My View From The Stage gave me the opportunity to see happiness; as people danced, clapped and sang along with our songs. (Note, do not follow my lead for clapping with a song. Yes, I am rhythm challenged and find it difficult to sing and clap at the same time. Okay now it’s out there)

My View From The Stage gave me the opportunity to see astonishment, as a young girl from Malaysia for the first time in her life, saw a band perform live. Sorry Jenice that it was a cooler band. (Dave and Jenice are visiting from Malayisia, as Dave works for Stephan player)

My View From The Stage gave me the opportunity to see friendship; as my friends (Tim and Sean) came to support see their old buddy sing. Tim comes to our show a lot, and well Sean, I know you only came because Karin made you.

My View From The Stage gave me the opportunity to see the respect; as other local musicians stopped in to say hello and watch us play. Thanks Gerhardt (Sun Bear Blues Band), Thomas (100 Canciones and Para Esta Noche) and Sebastian for joining in on guitar.

My View From The Stage gave me the opportunity to see pride and love; as a Mother watched her daughter sing. Her daughter Sarah joined us to sing several songs on this night. Sarah is an actress whose family lives in Landshut. Sarah performed with us a few times during the summer months and this was her first opportunity to join us in months, due to her acting schedule. Sarah has a very proud Mama.

My View From The Stage gave me the opportunity to see the love of a family; as I watched as Stephan, our guitar player come down from the stage with his guitar (thanks to wireless technology) and play for his wife and then put his guitar on his back and dance with her. Then during our first break, watch as his daughter (Princess Mara) give her daddy a big hug and ensure that we played a special song for her.

Love, affection, happiness, astonishment, friendship, respect, pride, a mother’s love and the love of a family……..all in all not a bad night. Oh by the way, the Band was pretty good too. So I hope you can see that My View From The Stage is pretty awesome and best of all I get a front row seat to watch all these great things. I am blessed

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