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Memories From Outside My Window

We have all heard the little phrase, “let’s make a memory”. I like this phrase, as life is a big glob of experiences and memories; some good, some bad, some happy, some sad and some that we desperately want to forget. From time to time, I hope to share some experiences related to making a memory and will title these blog posts “Memories From Outside My Window”. I recently had one of these upon my return to Germany from my Christmas visit in U.S.A.

So just a little background on this story. For the past several years, I went to same place to get my hair cut and it is owned and operated by Turkish man and his staff is primarily Turkish. I love this place, as they take men’s hair removal to a whole different level. I must be honest; the unfortunate reality is that as men get older hair starts coming out places it should not and where it never grew before. Even for the hair challenged (my nice little name for bald guys), hair starts popping out of your nose and ears and men’s eyebrows can begin to look like little hairy caterpillars (raupen for my German friends). Come on guys, look in the mirror once in awhile and get rid of that stuff.

Sorry I got side tracked. In the U.S.A. we have “a guy” for everything. The lawn guy = landscaper, the car guy = auto repairman, the pool guy = pool cleaner and so on. So I am going to call my barber “my hair guy”. Over the years I have come to know my hair guy pretty well; as typically occurs when you go to the same barber or stylist for years and you have those monthly 30-minute chats and over time you really come to know your hair guy. And for those of us who have hair (thank you Dad and Jesus) these people become pretty darn important to you. (poem for today’s blog – “Although I have gray hair, I’m still glad it’s there”)

My hair guy has a cute little son that I have seen on occasions while getting my hair cut, when he would come to work with papa. Before I went on my last trip to the U.S.A. I told my hair guy I was going to the Orlando area to visit my Pop’s. My hair guy told me how much his son loves Mickey Mouse and he had not found much Mickey Mouse in Germany or Turkey. I told him I would try to bring his son something back, as I would be near the home of Disney.

Side note: often times, we make half hearted commitments that we never follow through on. At the moment we say these things, it sounds great and is often made with full intentions, but after a bit, what was meant as a nice gesture, fades away with time and is never executed.

Well I followed through this time and while I was awaiting my return flight at the Orlando airport I came across a Disney store!!! I went in an purchased some Mickey Mouse ears for my hair guys son. Upon my arrival in Munich, I was toast after a traveling for more than 14 hours (2 flights), so I it is all I can do to get to my apartment and lay down for a bit.

After a bit of rest, I decided to walk into town to get a few things I needed and to take the Mickey Mouse ears to my hair guy. To my complete surprise the little boy was at his father’s shop this day. WOW, this boy was so surprise, happy and excited. I cannot express in words the look on his face and how he kept saying in German that he needed to see himself in the mirror.

So you see, it was a little gesture that seemingly made the day of this child and Made A Memory From Outside My Window, that I will never forget. Give it try sometime.

Cecil Disclaimer: When I share some of my little stories, I am sharing some moments in time and only seek to share a feel-good moment or memory. I am not sharing these to say look what I have done or what a nice guy I am. Well I am a nice guy ☺ but seriously, I just wanted to share a special moment with you.

One happy boy!!!

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