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A Gift For Rene & Katerina

Updated: Jan 3

On December 30th, I received a message from my friend and work colleague Rene that his wife had given birth to their first child, Paul. In his message to me, he let me know that Mama and his son were healthy and well, which I was happy to know. But one thing he wrote me in his message that stuck with me was that he was “blown away” by the whole experience.

Yesterday, Rene called into our offices for a bit to say hello, wish us Happy New Year and check in on our business. He looked so happy and as I spoke to him about the Katerina and the baby, he described the moment that his son came into this world as “amazing”.

It has been sometime since someone close to me has had a child (to my children Tyler & Emily – by the way no rush). Furthermore, it has been a long time, since I got to speak directly to someone I know so soon after the birth of their child. It was awesome to see how happy Rene was and see the pride on his face.

All of this made me pause for a moment and think about the birth of my children and the day I adopted Krista (my oldest daughter). The moment in which God entrusted me with the gift of life. I thought of how I felt when my children were born and how at that very moment absolutely nothing else existed in the world. I mean nothing; no work worries, no emails, no bills to pay, no calls to make, no obligations, my whole world was about that child at that moment. I cried about as much as the baby did, as there was no way to control the overload of emotions that came over my whole being.

After that brief moment in time in which nothing else mattered, we are soon pulled back into reality. Is Mama and the baby healthy, then you need to call your family to share the news, then people start gathering to share the joy of this day. As things settle down, your mind starts rambling; is everything in order at home for the baby, will I be a good Father, what will my child grow up to be, how will my life change, what have I done, oh my God!

This recent event made me think, that really is not just that moment that your child came into the world that nothing else matters, but for most parents although the life takes over, in our hearts every moment of every day there is nothing more important than our children.

My children are now adults and to this day I still look at them as little children, although I am proud of the people they have become. A lot of us may not get to see our children as often as we like, we may not get to hug them as often want to, they will sometimes hate us, they will sometimes love us and little by little their life will take over as it is supposed to do as they build their own place in this world.

I have many friends in Germany who are in the same situation as myself, for one reason or another they are far away from their family and have to go long periods of time without seeing their children. For those of you who have your children nearby or in the same house with you, cherish this opportunity to be a positive part of their life. Do let life ever become too much to keep your priorities in check. To this day, I am often brought to tears,(yes, I am a crier) as I miss my children so much and long to be near to them. I truly hope that my children, know that every moment of every day, that no matter the distance, they are in my heart and I love them just like the day that I was blessed with the precious gift of being their Dad.

Keep in mind these gifts not only come with joy and happiness, but they also come with challenges, stress and responsibility. God has blessed you with this gift and given you the responsibility of being a parent, because he trusts you. Remember, how you treat your children and how you express your love to them will often be the way they treat their future children, as we are their teachers and guides. If you had a bad childhood experience and your parents treated you wrong, break that chain.

I urge you to take time to think about that special day that your gift was given to you and always take the time no matter how busy you are, to give your child a hug, tell them how much they “blow you away”, tell them they are “amazing” and let them know how much you love them. Trust me these acts of love are better than anything else you could ever do for them.

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