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I created this page several years ago and never took the time to post any content. I enjoy writing and have actually have embarked on writing a couple of books, that I hope to finish one day. I wanted to use this forum to start writing again.

The plan I have for this page is quite simple. I plan to use this page as an outlet for sharing some thoughts and experiences that may inspire a thought or a smile. To be clear, I do not plan to use this forum for promoting some political agenda or use it as a forum for debate. You can be pretty sure there will likely not be any life changing content.

My cover picture is the actual view from my kitchen window in my apartment in Landshut, Germany. The picture is of the castle that overlooks my town. I have been living and working in Germany since 2011 and along my life’s journey in the USA and in Europe I have had some pretty cool, interesting and challenging experiences. I hope you enjoy The View From My Window.





Thanks for your interest in The View From My Window. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!


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